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Brede School De Melodie Rijswijk

Project data
Rijswijk Council
DMV Architecten
Hand-over date: 
end 2013

Pellikaan designed and built extended school De Melodie in Rijswijk. Just one building houses a school, after school care, sports and culture. To achieve that, there are class rooms as well as theater seating, a play room and a gym. Children can participate in a selection of activities at just one location.

The building more than complies with the strict latest requirements for comfort in Dutch schools and sustainability was an important aspect in the development of the plans. One of the sustainable features is the green sedum roof, which provides isolation of heat as well as sound. Also, the plans will hold rain water and this roofing has a long life expextancy. Also in other areas of the building high quality isolation materials were applied and the building was designed on a small footprint, thus reducing use of energy. Finaly heat recovery takes place via the ventilation system.