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Dietmar-Hopp Sports Centre St. Leon-Rot

Project data
Dietmar-Hopp Stiftung Walldorf
St. Leon-Rot
Hand-over date: 
November 2007

The Dietmar Hopp School Sports Centre is a special highlight in the design of sports halls, with a distinctive interior and exterior design. This building is characterised by a largely glazed facade, which gives the hall a great transparency and airy atmosphere. The glass façade means that the building uses natural light to the best advantage and makes for pleasant surroundings, whilst participating in your desired sport.

The large hall is a successful clean, aesthetic design with practical functionality. In addition to various indoor sports, students can participate in mountaineering among other things. There is a high climbing wall with overhang practice in a bright, partially mirrored fitness room with modern equipment. The use of stable, durable and energy-saving materials, techniques and systems, makes the hall future-proof and sustainable.

Externally the design of the sports hall continues the theme of clean, crisp lines and curves, creating a beautiful all-round building.