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Extended school Den Ham

Project data
Twenterand Council
DMV Architects
Den Ham
Hand-over date: 
May 2012

For a new-built neighbourhood in Den Ham, two primary schools with 18 class rooms were built, as well as a day care centre, facilities for after-school care, a library and a central multipurpose hall with spectator seating. This combination of school and public facilities constitutes an "extended school", the new standard in school housing in The Netherlands.

Because of the design with galleries / walkways, every two class rooms have their own entrance with wardrobe and toilet facilities. This design creates a small-scale experience for the students, improves safety at the school, and reduces the surface required for hallways. In the centre of the building, surrounded by class rooms, so called processing areas are provided. These areas, located outside the class rooms, can be used as computer areas, play areas or similar. Because of moveable walls and partitions, the processing areas, as well as part of the class rooms, can be used in various ways.

The building can easily be adapted to changing user requirements in the future because of the direct external access of each set of class rooms, combined with the highly flexible layout options with the moveable walls. 

The green roof and thermal energy storage installations contribute to a sustainable operation of the new school.