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Hazeldonk Hotel Breda

Project data
Amrâth Hotels
Houdijk Architecten
Hand-over date: 
maart 2010

The Amrâth Hotel Hazeldonk was designed by W. Houdijk from Vlaardingen and was realised by our construction team. The three-star hotel has 92 rooms, bar / reception and breakfast room.

The hotel caters to the tourist and commercial users and is in the prime location at the main border crossing between the Netherlands and Belgium many, attracting many foreign visitors. Annually about 20 million vehicles pass through here.

Last year the local councils on both sides of Hazeldonk refurbished and paved the area, so the "service area for the road Hazeldonk" had the perfect look once again and created a beautiful entrance when crossing from the Nethrlands to Belgium.