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Sports complex Nieuwehorne

Project data
Heerenveen Council
Strategie Architecten
Hand-over date: 
December 2012

The new sustainable sports comlex in Nieuwehorne has a sports hall, tennis club house with courts, (artificial) sports pitches and a grass jogging track. The use of sustainable technology and the re-use of materials were focus points on this project. keeping the energy use as low as possible is an important factor for success in operation.

Energy roof and wind turbines
The green wave-shaped roof of the sports hall, which partially is an energy roof heating the hall, catches the eye. Two wind turbines create electricity. The green parts on the elevations represent an aerial photograph of the surrounding landscape.

Re-use and sensors
It is interesting that the materials and grass of the existing football fields were re-used. This saves procurement and transport cost, and the new pitches are ready for use much sooner. movement sensors ensure that the lighting and ventilation systems in the sports hall do not waste energy when the hall is not in use.

In its entirity, Nieuwehorne is a pleasant complex, where you can build your physical energy levels, whilst the complex does not use much energy at all.