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Sports Hub Joure

Project data
Joure Council
Hooper Architects
Hand-over date: 
January 2015

Sports Hub Joure is an extension of the existing swimming pool with a sports hall as well as a leisure pool with outdoor relax area, a 70m wild water track and a 55m insulated Oval Magic slide. A completely new tropical atmosphere is created in the combination with a swimmer's terrace.

The 150sq m  outdoor pool is provided with covers to prevent energy loss. Inside the building many measures have been taken to reduce the energy use of the pool installations as much as possible now and in the future. Examples include a low filtration rate (using large filtration beds) and a design ensuring short pool water pipes with few curves.

The 28 x 48 m sports hall can be divided in three parts. The storage area is one large area, accessible from all three sections. It has extra high and large doors for big equipment.

Although part of the building is existing, the design of the new build as well as the existing building has a new look. Glass elevations make the building light and very recognisable. In the evenings, these are lit up by LED lighting. The compact and affordable building is bright and well organised, which means that users as well as staff will get a great experience.