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Swimming Pool & Spa Nass Arnsberg

Project data
Arnsberg Council
Hooper Architects
Hand-over date: 
January 2004

The leisure and training pool is interesting and individual there is a 25m pool with diving boards and a 50m swimming pool. The spacious, attractive water landscape in the interior coupled with a year-round outdoor pool provides much pleasure one of the highlights is the 80-m-long slide. The outdoor pool is connected to the indoor and was designed for use with geothermal energy. Elaborate fitness, wellness and recreational areas are also included, along with 2 restaurants.

There is a large spa area with 11 different themed saunas and steam baths. Two large outside saunas form part of the relaxing sauna garden. The garden offers various heat and pool experiences and even has under floor heating in the outdoor footpaths. The sauna garden was an extension that was added in 2009.