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Vlaardingen School

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Vlaardingen School
Bureau Bos
Hand-over date: 
October 2008

With Vlaardingen Council, Pellikaan realised a design & build project with a school building, sports hall and artificial sports pitches for several users. Because of the outstanding cooperation between council, school and sports club, the construction and operation costs of the project were merged and a beautiful new complex was created with clear additional value to the users. As an example, the school uses the sports hall during the day and in the evenings it is mainly used by the korfball club.

The school with 400 students has class rooms, study rooms, language and science lab, multimedia working spaces, and provisions such as teacher’s lounge, kitchen, cafeteria etc. To maximise use and space there are a number of dividable rooms.

The 24x44.2m sports hall complies with Dutch Olympic standards. The hall has 2 dividing walls and capacity for 150 visitors makes it ideal for competitions. The school’s entrance, lift and assembly hall are also used by the athletes. Two artificial outdoor pitches complete the offer.