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Vocational and primary school Hilversum

Project data
Gooise Scholenfederatie
SP Architecten
Hand-over date: 
November 2011

In Hilversum, two new school buildings have been constructed as a design & build project: the Gooise Praktijkschool and the Annie M.G. Schmidtschool. They are two stand-alone buildings, which form a unity in their design. Because of the location at a railway, additional measures have been taken to prevent noise pollution.

The Gooise Praktijkschool offers vocational education in hospitality, car mechanics, wood work, metal work, retail, health care etc. The Annie M.G. Schmidt school is a Special Needs Primary School, where the gymnasium is located which is also used by the Gooise Praktijkschool.

Various schools in Hilversum have moved to new locations. In order to suit the housing needs of those schools, the two buildings have been built consecutively.

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