Predictability is the key to the success of any project

Pellikaan is an excellent partner for your building project for many reasons:

One contact
Instead of dealing with many parties, Pellikaan provides complete project management.
In small teams, Pellikaan works closely together with local subcontractors and deals with them directly.
You have one price, one contact and one guarantee: from Pellikaan.

Promise is a promise
Opening on time and within budget is critical. As both a contractor and an operator, we are aware of the importance of predictability. Therefore, each Pellikaan project has a fixed completion date, specifications and price. Our contract with you is our promise, and we place great importance on fulfilling our agreements.

Common goal
After all, we all have the same goal: a well-functioning building that offers the customer value for money and an interesting and rewarding project for all suppliers, subcontractors and their employees.