From sketch to completion

If you have no drawings or if your plans lack detail, we can work with your team to ensure that your goals are achieved as economically as possible.

Pellikaan specialises in tailoring projects to suit the individual needs of a client. And as we have operational expertise, we are able to incorporate practical benefits into all of our designs. We also review our plans continuously for feasibility.

Operational benefits by design solutions
Salaries, energy use and maintenance costs have a major impact on operating results. We develop energy-efficient, low-maintenance facilities. With the feedback from 1.5 million users per year in our own facilities, we can implement the latest industry trends in our designs.

Cooperation with all architects
We work quickly and effectively and we can deliver the right plan at the right price because we have long-standing working relationships with established architects that have a proven track record of success.

If you already have an architect or a sketch design, it may still be useful to involve us in further development of the design. We are often able to help you make savings through technical or operational solutions that can be applied without compromising the functionality of the building.

Design complete?
Maybe your design is already complete? In that case we are a reliable partner for construction.