Increasing feasibility with knowledge and experience

Feasibility in time, resources, regulation, location and technology is taken into account prior to start of a project. We provide comprehensive advice in these areas. The operating result is a decisive factor for the feasibility of your project. So we use our operating experience to give your project the best chance of success.

Better chance of success
Alone or with partners, Pellikaan can offer operational and financial solutions to ensure a successful project. We can, for example, analyse the location with regard to accessibility and demographics, and also consider the appropriate price level and the optimal range of facilities.

Use our practical experience
You benefit from the experience and knowledge that we have gained every day in our own leisure centres and through working with other organisations. For over 35 years, we have continuously invested in research and development for design, construction, financing, maintenance and operation.

Advice and partnership
Several projects in the Netherlands and beyond were made feasible because Pellikaan, with our partners, found solutions for financing and operating issues. For example, our advice has meant a number of sports centres have been built, financed and opened in Poland and Russia.

Longer lifespan
To remain successful, existing clubs and chains must continue to develop. We can advise on market and product developments and help you to use this information to update your centre. As an example, Pellikaan Clubs, including the first centre that opened as early as 1976, are leading examples in the industry because we update continuously and we stay at the forefront of developments in the market.