Longer life span due to good maintenance

Every day, hundreds of people will use your facilities. They will use specially designed areas, walk through the building, open and close doors, go to the toilet and visit the canteen or restaurant. So it is important that the building is kept clean and maintained correctly, as this can reduce the amount of time and money needed to keep your building in good condition.

The right materials
Maintenance begins before construction. By choosing appropriate materials, we can reduce cleaning costs and time and help your building enjoy a longer lifespan. Pellikaan can help you make the right choices from design to handover.

Sufficient information
After delivery, we prepare an Operating and Maintenance Manual for your building, which includes specialist maintenance procedures for installations as well as instructions for less complex areas such as cleaning regimes. You can also choose to have maintenance contracts with the relevant suppliers or subcontractors.

User training
Proper use and maintenance is essential for good performance and longevity, especially for M&E installations. We provide trainings, including courses for building management systems, fire alarm systems, and water treatment installations so that your employees can operate effectively and take good care of your building.

DBFMO projects
For several European tenders, including PPP/PFI projects, Pellikaan has offered the complete Design-Build-Finance-Maintain-Operate package. In DBFMO teams, we work with architects, operators, investors and maintenance companies.