People, Planet and Profit are central to our way of working. Pellikaan’s great experience with environmentally friendly measures in Europe has led to international recognition. All Pellikaan projects are subject to careful consideration of social, environmental and economic interests; in the design, construction and operation of the building.

Commercial Director Gert-Jan Peeters "During the design and the construction phases of a project many benefits are to be gained through working sustainably – both environmental and financial."

Design phase
To improve sustainability during the design phase, we focus on issues such as orientation (solar gain/exposure) , choice of materials, insulation and ventilation, and energy savings.

It is important to use energy-saving equipment to prevent unnecessary use of gas, water and electricity. Based on our knowledge, we can indicate payback periods.

Energy saving techniques
Besides common techniques such as fitting CHP's and heat recovery systems, Pellikaan applies specialised methods including ground source heat pumps and fine wire heat exchangers.

Construction phase
During the construction phase, we take measures to deal with those areas that have the greatest impact on the environment and sustainability: procurement, protection of the (local) environment, energy and water consumption and waste.

Operation phase
The measures taken during design and construction will continue to contribute to lower energy costs and reduced effects on the environment once the building is in use.

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