The following areas are of great importance to Pellikaan, which is why we pay great attention to them all:

Complete construction partner

In all aspects of construction, Pellikaan can serve you through our Design, Build, Finance, Maintain, Operate and Feasibility services. We offer a complete package. In your traditional build, design & build or PPP/PFI project, you benefit from our unique expertise in construction as well as operating.

International experience

Pellikaan is committed to our international working environment, as working in other countries encourages continuity in finances and human resources. With offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and England, our teams learn from experiences and innovative trends in other countries.


As a family business, we recognise the importance of learning from the past to improve the future of Pellikaan and of new projects. People, the environment and the financial stability of the company and its projects are key to our continued success. That's why we do everything we can to take care of our people, our world and our business.


A good balance between people, environment and business is the basis for the future. Therefore, sustainability is a key theme for the company and all our developments. Having won the International Green Apple Award and having been chosen as a contractor for the greenest office in the Netherlands, Pellikaan knows how to implement these values in all projects.